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I wonder at times, Is it a crime of being passionate for more than one thing in your life? Because if yes, I am a criminal here. A proud one, to be precise.

As not only I am a Finance professional and its lifelong learner, I am an avid reader who can chew numerous pages in just nick of time. At the same time, I don’t like to just sit in that corner of my home where I do the mentioned, I wander and explore different historical wonders, holy places and the extreme beauty of our Mother Land.

And the list has not ended here.

When I fill my life with the colors of these experiences, I often feel the urge to share them with the people assuming it may help them to choose their next read that could be the best read of their life, or they may get an idea of their next visit because of me. This blog is the result of that feeling. I may or may not be a good writer, but the idea of sharing my experiences will definitely overrule. You have my words of keeping you entertained here.

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I am open for every opportunity. So if you have any suggestion or any work related query, feel free to contact me here.

Love & Regards!

Deepika is: Thiest, Bibliophile, Vivacious, Sedulous, Wanderer, Deep Thinker

Things you can find here: Book Reviews, Book Promotion and other related stuff, Travel Blogging and Blogger’s Random Thoughts.

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